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Financial coaching for creative professionals.

Working in a creative field can be exciting and the pay rewarding, but it can also be tiring and work can be elusive. For many folks it means living paycheck to paycheck.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Let’s work together to save your money and build up your wealth. That means sitting down and asking yourself, “Where should my money be going?”  From there we can set goals. Fun goals! How about a trip to Spain? What about an emergency fund? That’s fun. It has the word fun right in it! Retirement? Another trip to Spain!? (Maybe not that soon, but sure, we can start saving for it.)

I truly believe financial planning is for everyone, not just the rich. If you don't feel great about money then let’s change that. We’ll work together and figure out how we can get your finances in order and keep you moving forward towards financial freedom.


I’m Dylan Snowden. I teach writers, performers, artists and others how to manage their money. I’m a writer and have been a teacher at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in L.A. I know that saving money isn’t easy. I’ve written for TV (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which could also be the name of this company but they trademarked it) but I’ve also gone long stretches of time not writing for TV so I know what it’s like to have to budget and live off savings.

From 2005 to 2010 I worked in disaster management for the federal government. I traveled to disaster sites from New Hampshire to Hawaii, working long hours. I saved my paychecks so I could rest and travel between deployments. Witnessing the destruction caused by floods, earthquakes and other disasters, I saw first hand how critical it is to have a financial plan. During those years I learned how to budget, save, and invest my paychecks with an eye towards the future.


Creating a Financial Framework

Building a financial structure can be intimidating, but we’re not just throwing everything into a savings account. We’ll discuss debt management, create goal based savings accounts, improve your credit scores, appraise your insurance, and help you with your charitable giving.

Accountability Partner

We’ll make sure you stay on task. When your decisions are answerable to someone else it’s much easier to stay focused.

Income Evaluation

Building up your savings isn’t just about adjusting your spending. We’ll also look into making sure you are maximizing your income.

Windfall Management

If you come into significant amounts of income, we can make a plan to make sure that money is there for the long term.

Virtual Meetings

Obviously not everyone who needs help is based in Los Angeles. That's why client meetings happen over Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. We can create a budget, stay on task and build wealth from wherever you call home.


Budget Management

I’ll help you take an honest look at where your money goes. Don’t be upset if you’re spending too much in some areas. Honestly, that’s just money we can budget for savings.

Short and Long Term Planning

You’re going to ask yourself “Where do I want to spend my money?”  Let’s set big and small goals. Hot finance tip: People don't spend money as frivolously when they have specific goals for their income.

Ongoing Guidance

Outside of meetings, I’ll be free to answer questions through phone or email. (“Can I afford a new iPhone?” “What should I do with this residual check?")

Commission Free

Many financial planners earn income from selling you products, which are great for them, and usually awful for the client. Not me.  I don’t sell any products and only put your financial needs first.

Gift a Subscription

If you have someone close to you who would benefit from a financial coach, gift memberships are available. Helping a loved one get their financial life in place is a gift that continues to give.

Let's get started.


Workshops and Coaching


Financial Coaching

One-on-One Meetings

Couples subscription
- $335/Month, recurring
- $425 Start-up fee, one time

 Individual subscription
- $210/Month, recurring
- $250 Start-up fee, one time

  • Together we’ll identify your short and long term goals.

  • We’ll create a complete snapshot of where you are today by evaluating your net worth.

  • Based on the snapshot, we’ll address your current income and spending habits.

  • As a team we design clear customized financial plans with specific action items.

  • You’ll be held accountable as we meet twice a month over video.

  • Each meeting we’ll discuss your achievements and work through any new problems or roadblocks. Together we’ll build your financial framework.

Mastering good money management takes time and discipline. We’ll meet regularly to gather your financial facts, define your goals and establish a financial framework, all while keeping you focused and accountable. I’ll be with you the whole time, without any judgment, to help you construct the future you deserve.  Three month minimum commitment.

Is personalized coaching right for you?

  • You need an accountability coach to keep you on track with your goals.

  • You want a financial plan tailored to your needs.

  • You know you need to change your spending habits, but are unsure how.

  • You would like access to ongoing financial guidance outside of meetings.


upcoming workshops


Stupid Easy Finance Workshop

Fall schedule coming soon

Just because you’re not a Gosling, Streep or a Markle doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life and work in entertainment. Learn how other creatives manage their finances by building a budget, saving for retirement and creating short and long term financial goals.

The workshop is for folks who have day jobs and for people living paycheck to paycheck in acting, writing, editing and other creative fields.

Don’t worry, you’ll keep your personal info to yourself. We’ll spend our time practicing strategies that are relevant to everyone, regardless of how much money you have.

Finances 101 Workshop

$125 for 4-week class
Fall schedule coming soon
Located in Los Feliz

In this four-class workshop we’ll deconstruct “finance” so that you’re excited to take control of your money. We’ll figure out what’s holding you back from saving and building wealth through lessons, readings and exercises that feel empowering and non-judgmental.

Hosted in a supportive space with participants who share similar goals. You’ll leave the workshop feeling inspired about the financial choices you make every day.

Session 1 - Money 101

We’ll talk about financial basics and evaluate your financial situation. We’ll talk about your history with money and what you want to change.

Session 2 - Spending/Budgeting

Time to evaluate your spending habits and build a manageable budget.

Session 3 - Debt! (Student loans / Credit Cards)

What’s holding you down? We’ll talk about the different forms of debt, how they can affect your future and a plan to pay down your debt. We’ll also talk about credit reports and ways to improve your credit score.

Session 4 - Savings, (Short/Long Term Goals / Retirement!)

We’ll discuss how to establish and maintain an automatic monthly saving routine and how to carefully consider what is important to you before making a major financial decision.

is a small group class right for you?

  • You’re looking for an introduction to personal finance.

  • You enjoy working with others in a small group setting.

  • Your organization is interested in helping your  members with financial planning.

Here's what folks are saying.

Dylan is the best! He helped me feel in control of my finances, something I’ve often struggled with as a freelancer. He’s super knowledgeable, personable, and helped me feel less intimidated by saving and planning for the future.
— Sarah Claspell, Actor
Dylan’s financial coaching has been priceless to me. His encouragement helped me face the traditionally stressful idea of financial planning to steer me out of debt and into a new era of financial stability and savings.
— Rob Michael Hugel, actor / editor
When my tried-and-true strategy of “ignoring my finances until they become so dire that I have no options left to me but aimless panic” began to falter, Dylan not only helped right the ship, he worked with me to establish a more competent, mature mindset about financial health moving forward. I’d recommend him to anyone struggling with budgeting or saving or any anxieties thereabout.
Dylan helped me take control of my finances. What could have been an embarrassing or vulnerable process was easy and fun.
— Mark Rennie, Writer

Contact Dylan


Contact me at or fill out the form if you’re interested in a complimentary first meeting.

We can meet and discuss topics such as:

  • Your specific financial situation

  • Any goals you'd like to meet this year

  • Your roadblocks with money

This video meeting is relaxed, collaborative and free.


Take control of your finances and your future.


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