📚LA Workshop & Slush

Next month I’ll be doing a live version of this newsletter, also known as a workshop. On Thursday, June 13 I'm offering a “Stupid Easy Financial Workshop” in L.A. We’ll be talking about steps freelancers can take to put their financial life in order. Get $5 off with the code:CLUBHOUSE

A Stupid Easy Financial Workshop
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Thursday, June 13 | 6:15-7:45pm | $25
The Clubhouse | 1607 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

😈✉️ Hot Tip: Don't get Business Scammed
If you’re a freelancer and you’ve established a business – such as an S-Corp or LLC –  you’ll likely receive letters from the "Labor Compliance Service Board” and other official sounding places demanding that you need to register your business. They want money. It’s awful and it’s a very popular scam. Check for misspelled words and strange capital lettering. 

💵🚨 To Do Today: Set up a Slush Fund
Slush Fund
/ˈsləSH ˌfənd/
mid 19th century: originally nautical slang denoting money collected to buy luxuries, from the sale of watery food known as slush.

I budget (a lot) for watery food but unexpected costs come up every month: Car window smashed, cat needs new teeth, my 19-year-old-nephew-stays-for-a-week-and-never-pays-for one-meal-and-he’s-old-enough-to-buy-you-at-least-one-dinner-right? 

So, let's create a pot of cash that can be used for random bills and mini-emergencies. There are many savings apps available but the one I recommend most to my clients is QapitalRead more about the app here. 

Open a saving app and set a new savings goal called "Slush Fund".  Set a "Set It and Forget It" rule which means $50 (or whatever amount you’re comfortable with) is transferred once a month into the savings app account. That’s it. Cash will build up and you may not even notice it. Every time you have an unexpected cost, pull from the slush fund. (Kyle, buy me Nobu.)

📚⏱️ Something Fun: Make Time - A Book Rec!
Make Time is written by two former Google employees who realized that 21st Century technology is very productive at making us unproductive. One author John Zeratsky, helped design Gmail and went as far as to delete the app from his phone. 

The book has 80+ achievable suggestions on how to stay focused. I’ve failed at 70 of them but I’ve made about ten of their tips a part of my daily life. If you want to work on your focus you can download the first 26 pages of the book here. (Note: You will also get their newsletter.) 

Dylan Snowden